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David Lee (November 2024)

District 19 Assemblymember

SF Rising is excited to endorse David Lee for District 19 Assemblymember. David Lee has been a leader for positive change in San Francisco for decades and we are confident that he will do a great job of representing San Francisco’s immigrant population in Sacramento. 

Serving as the Executive Director of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee for 20 years, David has led efforts to help register over 100,000 voters. David has also been an educator at San Francisco State and the director of the Asian Pacific American Student Success Program at Laney College, demonstrating that he will keep students’ needs in mind as he develops and votes on policies at the state level. 

David is running on a pro-tenant, pro-immigrant, and pro-worker platform which is aligned with our vision for San Francisco. David also has the endorsement of the current Assemblymember for District 19, Phil Ting.