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John Avalos (March 2024)

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee AD 17

John Avalos is a social worker and a 30-year veteran of community and labor organizing in San Francisco and the Bay Area.  He served two terms on the Board of Supervisors, representing District 11 home to thousands of multigenerational households, working families, immigrants, and union members.  As Supervisor and Budget Chair, Avalos united with neighborhood residents to fully staff the SF Police Department for the very first time in 2009, expand and protect vital public services, and community development resources for D11 housing, transit, parks, open space, and worker programs that altogether lay the foundation for a safe and secure neighborhood. In his last year in office, Avalos authored a ballot measure to ensure that the City and County would be responsible for street trees versus neighborhood property owners.

During the pandemic, Avalos worked with the National Union of Healthcare Workers to prevent the closure of Seton Medical Center in Daly City, support the retention of San Francisco mental health clinicians, and raise the living standards of Mission Neighborhood Health Center.  John Avalos is now a housing justice organizer with the Council of Community Housing Organizations in San Francisco where he is fighting for workforce housing resources for everyday workers. John Avalos is a co-parent in a blended family of youth who grew up in San Francisco and Bay Area public schools.

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