Vote Yes

Leah LaCroix (March 2024)

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee AD 19

 Leah’s background is in youth organizing and Democratic Party activism. Before she could vote, Leah helped register and organized her peers at City College and SF State University to turn out for Barack Obama in 2008. She caught the bug early and hasn’t looked back since! 

Leah served as Chair of the SF Youth Commission where she led the efforts to fund and establish the Free Muni For Youth program. As commission staff, she worked on Vote16SF (Prop F 2016), measures to address youth and family homelessness, implementing LGBTQ cultural Competency Training for City staff who work with young people (12N), and housing for Transitionally Aged Youth (TAY). She is a founding board member of Black Young Democratic of San Francisco where she and her colleagues successfully led efforts to oppose “Stop and Frisk” policies from being implemented in San Francisco. Leah has also served two terms as Secretary for the California Young Democrats Black Caucus.

Leah won her first-ever election in 2012, becoming a CD-14 delegate representing California at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, and has been elected and appointed delegate to the California Democratic Party since. She currently serves as an Executive Board representative of the CDP and was appointed to the Credentials committee in 2023. Leah advocates fiercely for the inclusion of more youth voices in the party, and building a pipeline of leadership and mentorship. 

Leah leads with compassion and fairness and believes we need a strong, united, accountable, and fair Democratic Party now more than ever. 

PROP A: Create a $300 million affordable housing bond (March 2024)

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PROP B: Increase minimum of SFPD staffing (March 2024)

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PROP C: Remove tax on office buildings converted to homes (March 2024)

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PROP D: Strengthen ethics laws for elected officials (March 2024)

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PROP E: Weaken police accountability and expand surveillance (March 2024)

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