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Sandra Lee Fewer (March 2024)

San Francisco Democratic County Central Committee AD 19

Sandra Lee Fewer is a fourth generation Chinese American San Franciscan, and her husband, John Fewer, and her have lived in the Richmond for over 50 years. They raised their three children here, Sara, Colleen and Rory, and have deep roots in this neighborhood. The entire family has attended Richmond District public schools. It’s here that she served as PTA President for 12 terms, then continued to serve her neighborhood and City as a School Board Commissioner. Her husband served for 35 years as a San Francisco police officer, retiring in 2012 at Richmond District Station. It is the only real home they have ever known, and they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Sandra’s family history is rooted in San Francisco. Her great grandfather started the first Chinese produce business in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Her husband’s father, Brian Fewer, founded Friends of the Urban Forest and San Francisco Beautiful. After graduating from Washington High School, she attended City College of San Francisco and proudly earned her AA Degree. She went on to receive her BA degree in Justice Administration and a Masters of Public Administration degree at Golden Gate University.

In 2001, she began working for Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth as the Director of Parent Organizing and Educational Policy. She presented parent rights workshops to over 500 parents each year and trained several parents to be leaders in their schools and in their communities. In 2008, with community support, she was elected to the School Board for the San Francisco Unified School District. In 2010, she was elected to the San Francisco Democratic Party and served for two years. She ran for a second term on the School Board in 2012 and came in first citywide.

As a member of the Board of Supervisors, she gave back to the neighborhood that has served her family so well and because of the real love she have for this City. In her decisions, she always keeps in mind what the Richmond has been and is to so many seniors, small businesses, families and others who call this neighborhood home.

On the School Board, she led a new era of consensus, results-oriented leadership. She has heard from thousands of San Franciscans throughout her years as a parent, community organizer and School Board member. These voices remind her what is at stake when she votes on policies. She understands the trust of the public is sacred, and am so encouraged by the many San Franciscans standing behind her vision for an affordable, safe and diverse Richmond District!

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