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Prop 25 – California Replace Cash Bail with Risk Assessments Referendum (November 2020)

California Statewide Ballot Measure

Cash bail, a horrific system that keeps people in jail only because they are poor and keeps many Black and brown people locked up, needs to end. However, this initiative puts forward a solution that would replace the cash bail system with one that applies a “risk assessment,” an algorithm that attempts to forecast whether someone is likely to end up back in jail and which is likely to reinforce the racial disparities in our jails. The “risk assessment” also puts more power in judges’ hands to keep people locked up away from their families while awaiting trial.

A “yes” vote for this measure would implement legislation that shifted the bail system from one based on money to one based on a percieved “public safety risk”, a tool that would empower judges and potentially retrench the racial and economic inequities that exist in policing, prosecution and sentencing.

Lost with 56.41%

Prop 21 – Allow Local Communities to Expand Rent Control (November 2020)

California Statewide Ballot Measure
Current law stops local governments from using more progressive rent control measures — this allows cities to implement rent control for residential p…

Nov 2022 Phil Ting

State Assembly Member District 19

Nov 2020 David Chiu

State Assembly Member District 17

Prop 23 – Regulate Kidney Dialysis Clinics for Safety (November 2020)

California Statewide Ballot Measure
Requires dialysis clinics to have licensed physicians on site and report infection data to public health officials.

Prop 24 – California Consumer Personal Law and Agency Initiative (November 2020)

California Statewide Ballot Measure
A sweeping measure that would create a new agency for enforcing privacy laws, it rewrite the Consumer Privacy Act, exempt some of the largest tech com…