2012 Endorsements

San Francisco Rising Action Fund is proud to announce our endorsements for the upcoming November election!

In just a few short weeks, voters will be making some key decisions determining the future of San Francisco and the ability of working class communities of color to stay and thrive in their own city.

This particular moment presents a series of choices about what kind of city San Francisco evolves into, and for whom.  Will working families be able to afford to rent or purchase homes in the city, or will we continue to lose families and children of color?  Will we protect City College, San Francisco’s most comprehensive working class educational institution, from massive budget cuts?  Will we ensure that wealthy individuals and big businesses pay their fair share in taxes?  And finally, will we have the kind of elected leadership that the city needs, to protect low-income immigrants, young people and elders, tenants, workers, and communities of color?

Now is the time for progressive unity. We need to come together based on the issues, our communities, and our vision for a more just San Francisco. Let’s not be divided by pressure from the right, our egos or our organizations. Let’s move forward and build power.

In particular, District 1 is THE battleground this November—a face-off between Eric Mar, a progressive champion for tenants, workers, immigrants and families, and David Lee, a champion of big business and landlord interests.  Eric Mar has supported small businesses and made the Richmond District a more vibrant and livable community for seniors and families. At the same time, he has been critical on the Board of Supervisors in fighting for a citywide progressive agenda and this fall, he—and that agenda—are under attack.

The future of San Francisco is at stake this November!

See below for our full endorsements, or download our People’s Voter Guide.

And come to the People Power Party, October 3rd, 6-8:30, 518 Valencia St., to support San Francisco Rising Action Fund and help build this grassroots movement from the ground up!

For more information, or to volunteer for phonebanking and precinct walking, call 415-937-8541 or email info@sanfranciscorising.org.

In solidarity,

San Francisco Rising Action Fund

SF Rising Action Fund Endorsements

San Francisco Ballot Measures

Prop A: YES— Support critical funding to invest in our students’ success, at City College!

Prop C: YES— Support affordable housing to keep families in San Francisco!

Prop E: YES— Protect small businesses while raising revenue for city-funded programs!

Prop G: YES—Corporations are not people and should be held accountable!

California Ballot Measures

Prop 30: YES— Ensure that the wealthy are paying their fair share, while raising money for our schools!

Prop 32: NO— Stop the attack on the voices of working families in elections!

Prop 34: YES— End the death penalty!

Prop 35: NO— This is badly written legislation that will do more harm than good!

Prop 36: YES— Repeal the “three strikes” law which hurts our communities!

Prop 38: NO— Stop this competing tax measure that will raise taxes on low-income people!

Prop 39: YES— Close a tax loophole and raise funds for clean energy and green jobs!

Board of Supervisors

District 1: Eric Mar

District 3: David Chiu

District 5: #1 Christina Olague, #2 Julian Davis

District 7: Norman Yee

District 9: David Campos

District 11: John Avalos

2012 People’s Voter Guide

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