Vote Today!

Today is an important day.  In our daily organizing we demonstrate in the streets, we cook dinner for community meetings, we coordinate political education workshops, and we also need to get out the vote on the issues that impact our communities.

As a reminder of what’s at stake, if we can turn out in big numbers today, we’ll save city college (YES on A!), build more affordable housing (YES on C!), tax the rich and big businesses (YES on 30 and YES on E!), protect working class voices in politics (NO on 32!), and much more.

We’re also coming out today to support the candidates who have stood with us over the years.  Conservative forces that would love to repeal rent control have spent over $1 million attacking our allies Eric Mar in District 1 and Supervisor Olague in District 5, and we’ve got to turn out strong to have their backs.  Other allies of ours like David Chiu in District 3, Norman Yee in District 7, David Campos in District 9 and John Avalos in District 11 have been with us in our fight sand need our support too.

Let’s get out the vote y’all!

Check out our full slate of endorsements (in English, Chinese, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese) at our Facebook page here.  And don’t forget to like the page!  For extra credit, change your FB profile pic to the one we’ve got posted.

To find your polling location or help someone else find theirs, click here or call these numbers:

English: 415-554-4375

Chinese: 415-554-4367

Spanish: 415-554-4366

SF RISING ACTION FUND AFTER PARTY!  After you watch the results at any of the various victory parties, come to the SF Rising Action Fund after party!  We’ll be with the folks from the Prop C campaign at: 1108 Market Street (at 7th).  We’ll be there by around 9:30 or 10pm, but our friends at Prop C will welcome you any time after the polls close.

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