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PROP F: Extend the Library Preservation Fund (November 2022)

San Francisco Local Ballot Measure

Our public libraries are a critical part of our city. They are essential to families, youth, and all San Franciscans who rely on the library’s free resources. Renews the Library Preservation Fund for 25 years, allows the city to temporarily freeze the annual minimum library funding amount when the city expects a budget deficit over $300 million, and increases the minimum hours the main library and its 27 branches must be open per week. It will allow the Library to expand its wide-ranging services and respond to the needs of the community. Without Proposition F, library hours and resources will be slashed and branches will close.

Won with 82.58%

Our Statement on the Results of the November 8th, 2022 Midterm Election

November 18, 2022
SF Rising Action Fund is grateful and thrilled to see that there have been many progressive victories across the country in the November Midterm Elect…

PROP A: Adjust Retiree Supplemental Cost of Living (November 2022)

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PROP B: Eliminates the Department of Sanitation and Streets and transfer its duties back to the Department of Public Works (November 2022)

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PROP C: Create a Homelessness Oversight Commission (November 2022)

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PROP D: Make it harder for low-income families to qualify for affordable housing (NOVEMBER 2022)

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