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Prop 27: Legalize Online Sports Betting (November 2022)

CA State Ballot Measure

Legalizes online and mobile sports wagering, which currently is prohibited, for persons 21 years and older. Such wagering may be offered only by federally recognized Indian tribes and eligible businesses that contract with them. Individuals placing bets must be in California and not located on Indian lands. Imposes 10% tax on sports-wagering revenues and licensing fees. Directs tax and licensing revenues first to regulatory costs, then remainder to: 85% to homelessness programs; 15% to nonparticipating tribes. It threatens tribal sovereignty by giving out of state corporations like Draft kings and Fan Duel major control of the gaming industry and it excludes tribes from offering online sports betting unless they “irrevocably” surrender their sovereign rights.

Lost with 17.7%

Goodwin Liu (November 2022)

State Supreme Court

Joshua Groban

State Supreme Court