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PROP 31: Maintain Restrictions on Flavored Tobacco (November 2022)

CA State Ballot Measure

If passed, this measure would maintain the ban on flavored tobacco products, which target kids and drive dangerous long term use.

Big Tobacco corporations have targeted young people and particularly youth of color by promoting flavors such as mango and cotton candy. These companies see profits in getting kids hooked on their dangerous and unhealthy products. And, in large, part it has worked- youth report in large numbers that they started smoking through flavored tobacco. The legislature passed a law two years ago banning the sale of these products, but the monied interests have spent millions to stop the law from going into effect and put this referendum on the ballot. A “yes” vote will result in the ban of flavored tobacco.

Won with 63.5%

Goodwin Liu (November 2022)

State Supreme Court

Joshua Groban

State Supreme Court