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Aaron Peskin (November 2024)

San Francisco Mayor

We are thrilled to announce our endorsement of Aaron Peskin for San Francisco Mayor. Board President Peskin has been a leader in progressive change for decades and has built strong relationships with community members in District 3 as a Supervisor. Our member caucus, Chinese Progressive Association Action Fund, and their members have had first hand experience with Board President Peskin listening to what community members’ most pressing needs are, coming up with solutions collaboratively, and putting his words into action. 

Some accomplishments Supervisor Peskin has made include:

  • Bringing the first Transitional Aged Youth shelter to District 3
  • Winning the right for tenants to organize as they struggle against large corporate landlords
  • Securing over $200 million to improve Muni transit
  • Bringing permanent affordable housing to his district to address the root cause of homelessness

Board President Peskin has creative and effective plans to bring solutions to fix our city’s problems and we know that he will work hard to improve the quality of life for our communities by elevating the best interests of marginalized communities. 

As Mayor, we hope to work with Board President Peskin to focus the city’s resources on building more affordable housing and demanding a quota of affordable housing units that must be included in new market-rate projects. We also hope to work with Board President Peskin to look for public safety solutions that don’t exacerbate harm to BIPOC and low-income communities, but that allow our communities to heal.  

His track record has shown that he centers everyday working San Franciscans, not just the wealthy 1%. With just the right experience, community solidarity, and knowledge of how to make change happen in a city as unique as San Francisco, we need someone like Aaron Peskin to ensure working-class communities and communities of color can stay and thrive in our city. We are all in for Aaron.

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