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Dean Preston (November 2024)

District 5 Supervisor

We are proud to endorse Supervisor Dean Preston for his re-election as the District 5 Supervisor. In his first term, Supervisor Preston worked to protect tenants’ rights, make sure that the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share in taxes, expand access to public transportation, acquire housing for unhoused people, and broaden our city’s use of alternatives to policing. 

Some of his notable accomplishments include:

  • Securing more than $40 million of local funds for rent relief, the most of any California city, relieving thousands of tenants of crushing rent debt and stopping evictions. 
  • Ensuring that the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, taxing high-end real estate sales to fund social housing, a tax that’s already raised over a quarter of a billion dollars, and will raise over $100 million annually from the richest real estate investors. 
  • Supporting community ambassadors, crisis response teams, and neighborhood health outreach teams to address public safety in a less harmful and more effective way than policing
  • Leading efforts to restore critical Muni lines that were suspended during the pandemic, and stopping fare increases for public transportation.

As a 30-year District 5 resident and long-time tenants’ rights champion, Supervisor Preston knows his district and the needs of District 5 community members inside out. We’re endorsing him for re-election because we know that Supervisor Preston will continue to listen to District 5 communities to understand and address the most pressing issues they face with bold and innovative solutions. 

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