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Jackie Fielder (November 2024)

District 9 Supervisor

SF Rising Action Fund is eager to announce our endorsement of Jackie Fielder for District 9 Supervisor.

Jackie has strong platforms and viable ideas to address homelessness, create more affordable housing, and improve public safety that address our community’s most pressing needs. Jackie also has a wealth of experience working with communities to address structural issues that will make her a collaborative and effective Supervisor, including: 

  • Co-founding the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition in San Francisco that would start the country’s first public bank to support small businesses, affordable housing, and renewable energy. This includes advocating on the statewide level to allow cities to establish their own public banks. 
  • Fighting for environmental justice and indigenous rights by protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock and advocating for divestment from fossil fuels.
  • Teaching a Race, Women, and Class course at San Francisco State University to educate students on histories of oppression and resistance

As a queer, Latina, and Indigenous woman, we are excited to see District 9 represented by someone who can be a voice for so many communities. We are confident that with Jackie’s solid stance against corporate greed and her prioritization of the needs of every day, working people, Jackie is the best choice for District 9 Supervisor.

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