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Chyanne Chen (November 2024)

District 11 Supervisor

SF Rising Action Fund is excited to endorse Chyanne Chen for District 11 Supervisor, with a recommendation to vote for Ernest “EJ” Jones as a second choice on your ranked choice ballot. 

The struggles that Chyanne has faced as a first-generation immigrant reflect those of many of our own members at SF Rising Action Fund who have found it difficult to access services, find affordable housing, and get paid a fair wage. Electing Chyanne to be the next Supervisor in District 11 would mean that District 11 community members would have an ally and advocate in office, fighting for the best interests of immigrant communities.

Chyanne also has deep roots in multi-racial, working-class communities in San Francisco, including a history of building relationships and organizing with our grassroots members in the Chinese community. With experience as a labor union organizer at United Healthcare Workers and a community organizer in Chinatown, Chyanne would find solutions that bring District 11 communities together, not tear them apart. 

While we believe Chyanne is the best choice for District 11, we are recommending Ernest “EJ” Jones as a second choice on your ranked choice ballot. EJ also has deep roots in District 11, being a 3rd generation community member of the Lakeview-OMI neighborhood. While representation doesn’t always mean that candidates have our community’s best interests in mind,  EJ’s leadership as a Black Supervisor, along with his community-centered platforms, would help advance the wellbeing of Black San Franciscans. EJ’s support for investing in mental health and wellness programs to address crime, as well as his general history of leading projects to meet the needs of community members, would make him a great second choice for District 11 Supervisor.

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